Nomination Forms

List of documents

File Name Type Size Availability of document
1 Student Nomination Form .doc 36 kBytes Download
2 Form-O Will be received after approval of the candidacy
3 Cover letter depends on your creativity Cover letter will be provided by the candidate based on Form-O!
4 Cirriculum Vitae (CV)
5 List of subjects .doc 30 kBytes Download
6 List of previous practical trainings .doc 27 kBytes Download
7 Language certificate .pdf 1 388 kBytes Download
8 Certificate of Enrollment .pdf 414 kBytes Download
9 Liability policy .doc 569 kBytes Download
10 Medical Form .doc 28 kBytes Download
11 Foreigne passport
12 3×4 photos 4 stk

Note:  All the documents should be in exact above provided order!!!