IAESTE Tajikistan highly recommend E-Visa for the students whose the period of  internship is no longer than 45 days

Tajik Visa type O2 — All the students must issue their visa  in advance

Visa application form in English

Visa Formalities and Registration for Tajikistan & Embassies in other countries

According to the rules Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tajikistan the following nations can apply for a single-entry tourist visa valid for up to 45 days at Tajik embassies or consulates abroad on the basis of personal application without visa support letter: Poland, Portugal, Korea, Indonesia, Croatia, Australia, Austria, Algeria, Egypt, Argentina, Bulgaria, Luxemburg, Hungary, Vietnam, Brunei-Darussalam, Israel, Greece, China, India, Ireland, Iran, Pakistan, Iceland, Italy, Canada, Qatar, Cyprus, Bahrain, Belgium, Jordan, Denmark, Spain, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, Lebanon, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, New Zealand, UAE, Oman, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Great Britain, USA, Thailand, Turkey, Tunis, Brazil, Germany, Philippines, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Estonia, SAR, Japan. Travelers requiring longer period of stay or several entries would need to arrange a visa support letter before applying for Tajik visa. Providing a visa support, travelers will be able to obtain multiple-entry visas valid for a longer time. Visa validity may also depend on the visa type: tourist visa -30 days, private visa -90 days, work or business visa -up to 1 year, student visa -up to 9 months. To extend your stay within Tajikistan you would need to apply for extension far in advance through Tajikistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs (work visa) or OVIR (tourist, work and business visa). Please note: The government of Tajikistan requires all visitors who remain in country for more than 90 days to submit to an HIV test or to present a medical certificate showing that they are HIV-free.

Example Visa

Entry /Exit

A valid passport and visa are required to enter and exit Tajikistan. Your Tajik visa should be valid for the entire period of your stay in Tajikistan. If purpose of your stay is other than travel we strongly encourage you to request visa that allow for changing travel dates as it might be complicated to do within Tajikistan. Failed on show a valid visa is subject for penalty and immediate departure.
Obtaining Tajik Visa abroad
Travelers arriving to Tajikistan from countries where Tajikistan is represented by embassy or consulate must obtain Tajik visa abroad prior to their travel. Visa application forms (filled out in 2 copies) can be obtained in the embassy or downloaded here.
Please note your passport must be valid for at least six months following the duration of your planned stay in Tajikistan.Please refer to the list of Tajikistan embassies abroad to locate nearest to you.
Obtaining Tajik Visa on arrival

This option is suitable for travelers arriving to Tajikistan from countries where no Tajik embassies or consulates represented. Please note you must obtain a visa support, in the form of a registered letter from the Tajik Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirming that request for visa is approved and a visa may be issued at the consulate based in arrival lounge of Dushanbe International Airport on arrival.

At this moment visas on arrival could only be obtained arriving to Dushanbe International Airport and does not apply to any other Tajik airports or land borders.

Visa application forms (fill out 2 copies) can be obtained from the consulate at the arrival lounge of Dushanbe International Airport or downloaded here.

Pls note your passport must be valid for at least six months following the duration of your planned stay in Tajikistan.
Travelers are also required to provide two passport-size photos.

Visas issued on arrival at Dushanbe International Airport are by default valid for 45 days.

Receiving a visa at the airport may also entail some waiting.

Invitation letter

Invitation letter also known as visa support is given out by Tajik MFA by request of inviting party: a company or an individual. In order to receive visa support, an inviting party submits a request with Tajik MFA in advance of the desired travel date to Tajikistan.

Individuals travelling to Tajikistan by the invitation of a private Tajik resident (a friend or relative in Tajikistan) will be required to obtain a notification letter from OVIR before applying for visa support. Please plan it in advance as it might take something between 14 days to 45 days. Then Tajik MFA will issue Tajik visa support on the basis of the OVIR notification letter.

Applying for visa support letter you will be asked about the way of obtaining your visa: either thru the embassy abroad or on arrival to Dushanbe International Airport. State the embassy or consulate where you plan to obtain your Tajik visa as this is very important and normally will not be changed under any circumstance as visa support is finally will be sent to the embassy you have stated in your application.

Visa support letter usually contains the details of inviting party, traveler details, period of stay, reference number.

Please note the invitation letter would not work if you apply for your Tajikistan visa in other country or other Tajikistan embassy than stated in your Tajikistan visa support letter.

You normally should receive a copy of visa support from inviting party so you can provide it at the embassy or consulate in case they experience communication problems with their head office or claim they didn’t get one for your name.


A trip to Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous region of Tajikistan requires a special permit in addition to Tajikistan visa. GBAO permit can be obtained at Tajik embassies and consulates abroad at the time of applying for Tajikistan visa, or by applying to MFA or OVIR once in Tajikistan.

  • Please note that GBAO permit is subject for extra charge.
  • Please note Tajikistan embassy does not provide GBAO permit on default along with Tajikistan visa as GBAO permit is a separate notation placed in the recipient’s passport on request.

GBAO permit may list the names of the settlements and cities as well as regions in Gorno-Badakhshan allowed you to visit: Kara-Kul, Murghab, Ishkashim, Vanj, Rushan, Darvaz, Khorog and Kalaikhum. But these days very often contains short “Allowed to entry and reside in GBAO”.

Other permits

There are some certain areas that require additional permits in addition to GBAO permit, they are Lake Sarez which requires additional permit from the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Lake Zorkul and some regions along Chinese or Afghan borders which requires additional permit from border guard authorities.

Embassy of Tajikistan in other countries

Country Address
Austria Universitat str. 8/1a, 1090 Vienna
Tel:(+43-1) 409-82-66
Fax:(+43-1) 409-82-66-14

Azerbaijan Baglar str 20, Badamdar district, Baku AZ021,
Tel: +(994 12) 5022009
Fax:(994 12) 5022009, 5021432
Egypt 82 Street, Willa 19, Al-Maadi, Cairo;
Tel/Fax: (202) 23783210 – 23803955;

UAE (Dubai) Safa district 2, 4C str 5
Tel: +971 4 3945814, +971 4 3945815,
+971 4 3945810
Fax: +971 4 3945812

Afghanistan Vazir Akbarhon 10,building -3,Kabul
Tel: 8(10-93)230-03-92, 210-10-80
Fax: 8(10-93) 230 03 92
Iran Maidony Niyovaron, Hiyoboni Shahid Zinali, 3, B-10
Tel: (98-21)229 95 84, 280 92 49
Fax: (98-21)280 92 99

Pakistan House 90, Main Double Road, F-10/1, Islamabad
Tel: (92-51) 229 34 62
Fax: (92-51) 229 97 10

China No.LA 01-04, Liangmaqiao Diplomatic Compound, Beijing,10060, China

Afghanistan (Mazari Sharif) Mazari Sharif, Kortai Oriyono
Tel: (10-93) 70519288
Fax: (10-93) 799209330

Belgium Boulevard General Jacques 16, 1050 Bruxelles
Tel: (322) 640 69 33
Fax: (322) 649 01 95

Kyrgyzstan Kara Dar’inskaya str 36, Bishkek 720031
Tel:+(996 312) 51 16 37, 51 25 87, 51 23 43
Fax:+ (996 312) 51 23 43

United Nations 216 East 49th str.,New York, NY10017
Tel: 1-212-207 33 15
Fax: 1-212-207 38 55

Belarus Kirova str 17, Minsk
Tel: 8103 (7517) 222 37 98, 289 11 36
Fax: 8103 (7517) 227 76 13

India E -12/6., Vasant Vihar, New Delhi 110057
Tel: (91 11) 26 15 42 82
Fax: (91 11) 26 15 42 82

Kazakhstan Marsovaya str 15, Chubary district, Astana
Tel: 8107(3172) 241315, 240929
Fax: 8107(3172) 241315, 240929

Uzbekistan Kahhor A str 6, Tashkent 700090
Tel: 810(998712)54 99 66, 54 84 13, 152 54 79
Fax: 810(998712)54 89 69

Russia Granatnyi pereulok 13, Moscow 103001
Tel: 690-61-74, 690-41-86
Fax: 690-89-98

United Kingdom and Northern Ireland Grove House 27 Hammersmith Grove
London, W6 0NE
Tel: +44 2086002520
Fax: +44 (0) 208 600 2501

United States 1725 K Street, N.W. Suite 409, Washington D.C.,20006
Tel: (1202) 223 60 90
Fax: (1202) 223 60 91

Turkey Ferit Recai Ertugrul Caddesi No: 20 ORAN – ANKARA, Turkey
Tel:+(90-312) 491 16 07; 491 17 08
Fax: +(90-312) 491 16 03

Turkmenistan Gurungan str 19, Ashgabat>
Tel: 810(99312)35 56 96, 39 34 31, 39 42 55
Fax: 810(99312) 39 31 74

Germany Otto-Suhr-Allee 84, 10585 Berlin
Tel: (49-30) 34 79 30 02
Fax: (49-30) 34 79 30 29, 34 79 30 18

Japan Adress: NK building, Nishi Azabu 1-4-43, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Tel: +81(0)3-6804-3661,
Fax: +81(0)3-5410-3677